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about Global Warming
besides "reading" the text...don't forget
to "click" on the page's "listen" button
and hear the audio...more detailed!
Hot Topics (things average
people are discussing at
Two-income TRAP (by Personal
Finance Advice (forum blog)
Global Social "Activists"...
writers, artists, musicians and
what they're "up to" and think
about... a real "eye-opener!"
Bald spots (on your lawn)
Letter of the Day
(advice columnist winner)
Stumble Upon (you should GET
THIS! leads to a lot of Great
CAR...visit their homepage....probably
Also there is this:  Google Simple Foreign
Language Translator

(this simple utility is useful if you have your
laptop with you, and are online via WiFi... you
could converse with someone in a Cafe  by
typing/translating text entries and passing the
laptop "back and forth," etc.)
Work-around TIP (for webpages in foreign languages):  

a.  You download/use the "Google Chrome Browser."  

b.  You download/use the "google translator."    I was already using "Google Chrome."  After I installed the "Google
Translator," it popped up in the "Google Chrome Browser" "after" I clicked on the "French Rue89" link...I pressed
translate and it translated from French to English.  (This is Terrific!)

link to get the "google translator:"  When you get to this page, mouse-click on "Try out extensions for Google
Products" (it is just above the YouTube video frame and to the right of the Google Icon).  Then click on "Google
Translate" in the center column of the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery... when you get to that page, just click on
the "Install" button, and your existing Google Chrome Browser will be upgraded with the new "translate" feature.
Electric Car vs. a Ferrari and a's just a matter of time
before we go "electric" en masse!