About Me

For those of you who might be curious about "who I am," I'll also post some personal information here
(most of it will be within the individual posts themselves).  However, this page's primary purpose is to
acquaint you with some of my thinking about the coming "New Age." It will basically cover what aspects
of it I'm interested in; what I think will impact you or me significantly - or I suspect:  is already impacting
you or me significantly (whether you know it or not...) - and how I myself plan to deal with these issues
(including suggestions, etc.).

Note: The level of "my writing" varies, depending on what I'm writing about and for whom; so, for the
most part,  I'll just be quickly "shooting-from-the-hip" in a rather informal manner.  I like to write quickly,
get the message out so-to-speak, and I also don't have a lot of time to spend proofreading and editing
my posts.  As long as I feel that I am communicating in a reasonably effective manner, I'm satisfied.  
This isn't "my resume," after-all, or something I'm submitting for publication; so don't assign too much
importance to my frequent errors in grammar, style, or punctuation.  Think about the many posts you
regularly read on the Internet and their level of grammar, style, and punctuation, etc.  Most wouldn't
pass muster in a typical grammar school.  I think mine are written quite a bit better, to say the least.  

                       A VERY SIGNIFICANT POINT:

It will become more than apparent to you, WHY I feel qualified to discourse on some of the subjects I
write about, when you see what's in some of my posts.   
Some of My New-Age posts...

(this material isn't organized yet..., eventually, I plan to give you some insights into my
thinking with respect to the New-Age... and the various points of view, etc.)
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