Talk Radio
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Global Talk Radio (a top site for
listening to many stations and
Broadcasting if you want....)
NPR (Talk of the Nation...)
NPR ("All things Considered"
...a top
text summary with clip
listening page!)
Hot Topics (things average
people are discussing at
Public Library (Audio Books)
mostly to Library
Patrons in "South Jersey"
BBC Radio
(News, Sports, Music, more...)
NPR Sitemap
(stations on the Net and
Across the Country)
Coast to Coast AM

Major New Age type site:  UFO's - Paranormal
(the largest most extensive site of it's kind in the world)

extensive archives, downloads of past shows, photos... guests include NASA
scientists, Top Economists and Paranormal Researchers... you get a mix of "lightweight
speculative fringe stuff" and "HEAVY-DUTY people that are tops in their field."  

Don't prejudge this site... my suggestion is to "sift" thru the past shows.  You have to
belong to "download" the older archival audio, but recent shows have audio streams.  
(I subscribe to this site and it is one of my favorites!)
Rich Levin's PC Talk Radio (all
about computing - and you
don't have to be a "geek" to
understand this "talk-show,"
and the great guests Rich