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CHINA (in English)  ...since China is one of the few LARGE world economies that are actually
growing powerfully and rapidly... it pays to get the Chinese slant on world news.  They are not
under the sway of Western Gov and Financial Interests manipulation like the U.S. and most of
Europe.  So, their VIEW on WORLD EVENTS is good to know to offset the "media
manipulation" that characterizes much of the West.  Below are two MAIN English language
newspapers, and also, a main website - take a look at some of the photos and videos on this
site and "you will see how China is becoming like the U.S. ... and very rapidly!
this is former "Current" (Al Gore
media... now owned by
Aljazeera)...looks the same with the
"enviro take that Current
of the best Websites and  TV
channels... quick, interesting, and
some of "the best investigative
News Stories (in photographs -
The Big Picture!)
a Major Chinese Daily Newspaper (in English)
a Major Chinese Daily Newspaper (in English)
London Times
the MAIL online (uk news)
Estensive GOSSIP News!!!.
Iceland Volcanic Ash Impact
(latest update from BBC...)
PR Newswire's "unfiltered News!"
Reuter's U.S. Edition
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Chinese Videos "Main General News"... using Google Chrome for speed... also you will need
Google Translate to English enabled... plus you made need a "powerful computer" to run
this... will work with Win XP ...but "much buffering" happens... using "hi powered" laptop... with
64bit win7... gets in "hi-def" without buffering pauses ... this site has few "RISQUE" videos
from China ...China has a very restrictive oversight policy on "racy video stuff"  - that used to
be available on "Jongo" ...which is "no longer available" (these videos in English)
more China ... this their take on "2012 stuff"  (this isn't video, so you
can probably get with a less powerful computer system!) (use Google
Chrome with translate enabled and "click on English!")
more China ... general News stuff... (this isn't video, so you can probably get with a less
powerful computer system!) (in English)
EARTHQUAKES recent... like
"today!" from USGS